Court/Tribunal Orders

Case Number Case Subject Cause Title Date of Judgment Download File
W.P. (C) No. 12385/2021 Consultancy-Tender PKF SRIDHAR AND SANTHANAM vs AERA 06/01/2022
MA No. 82/2021 IN
AERA Appeal No. 02/2021
Challenging AERA order no. 64/2020-21
(MIAL - Application to Stay 3rd CP AERA Order)
MIAL vs AERA 23/11/2021
W.P. (C) No. 3784/2020 Termination of contract-supply of manpower M/s New Grow Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. vs AERA 01/10/2020
AERA Appeal No. 05/2013 Challenging AERA order no. 46/2015-16
(MIAL Development Fee)
FIA vs AERA 16/07/2020
AERA Appeal No. 02/2013 MIAL & Ors. vs AERA
AERA Appeal No. 07/2012 Challenging AERA order no. 30/2012-13
(DIAL Development Fee)
DIAL vs AERA 20/03/2020
AERA Appeal No. 03/2013 FIA vs AERA & Ors.
AERA Appeal No. 01/2014 BIAL 1st Control Period
FIA vs AERA & Ors.
AERA Appeal No. 03/2014 BIAL vs AERA
AERA Appeal No. 08/2018 Challenging AERA order no. 18/2018-19 
(BIAL 2nd Control Period)

AERA Appeal No. 02/2014 Challenging AERA order no. 38/2013-14
(HYB 1st Control Period)
GMR HIAL vs AERA & Ors. 04/03/2020
*Procedure for Filing Petition / Appeal before TDSAT - 2022